With Open Arms

When her brother rode off five years before to fight for the Union Army, tart-tongued survivor, Callie Cutteridge, assumed full responsibility of their family’s southwestern Arizona territory ranch. Without anyone’s interference, she’s managed just fine on her own. Hardened in childhood by the death of her parents, she hides her heartbreak behind a mask of self-sufficiency. Breaking horses and selling them to the U.S. Army proves she’s neither delicate nor helpless, and she finds comfort in her self-enforced isolation. When a former Yankee cavalry officer arrives claiming to have purchased her brother’s half-interest in the ranch-she is devastated, yet has absolutely no intention of allowing this arrogant stranger to govern one single aspect of her life.
Scion of a Philadelphia banking dynasty, Jackson Neale misses nothing about high-society except its delightfully alluring women. His new partner isn’t the agreeable angel her brother, his former commander, led him to believe…but he’s damn well not the useless rake this hellion thinks he is either. For months, he’s looked forward to putting distance between himself and the bloodstained battlefields back east, and arriving at the ranch only to engage in more fighting is nowhere on his agenda. Though he finds his partner’s defiance insufferable, the closer Jackson gets to Callie, the more enthralled he becomes. His quest to find calm stability contradicts sharply with her need for control…yet, still their heartstrings tangle. Passion soon ignites. But how can they transform their hunger into a “happily-ever-after” when all Callie knows how to do is fight…and all Jackson wants is peace?