We all scream for ICE CREAM!

Posted Jul 20 2016, 9:12 pm

ice creamIt seems that summertime was made for Ice Cream! Yep, ’tis my favorite treat of all!

ice cream TangBut, did y’all know the “origin” of this sweet treat dates all the way back to China, circa AD618 when King T’ang of Shang had slaves haul ice to his palace to make a ‘slushy dish’ called koumiss ice cream koummis[heated, fermented milk, flour & camphor]? In 1744, a Scottish colonist described in his journal, & I quote, “…a Dessert treat…Among the Rarities of which is compos’d some fine Ice Cream which, with the Strawberries and Milk, eat most deliciously.”


ice cream Mt. Vernon

And in 1782, even George Washington mentioned in HIS journal, the delights of owning “a cream machine for ice” at Mount Vernon. 



ice cream Nancy M. Johnson

BUT, it wasn’t until September 9, 1843, when Nancy M. Johnson [of Philadelphia] got her tub, cylinder, lid, dasher, & crank she called her “artificial freezer” patented. ice-cream -freezer-patent






ice cream jacob_fussellEven Baltimore dairyman Jacob Fussell [who spearheaded the very first commercial ice cream factory in 1851], didn’t make any changes to the process. ice cream fusselAnd by the 1930s, grocery stores and vendors all across America began selling the creamy treat. ice cream vendor

ice cream 1862






But, in all this time, Klatchers, NOBODY has changed Mrs. Johnson’s design. Nope, guess she knew a good thing when she ‘patented’ her cylinder/dasher method which is still crankin’ out tubful’s o’ the good stuff today. So, who wants ice cream? Yummmmm!!…Oh, & cheers to summer! I’ll have a scoop o’ vanilla, please.  ☺





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