The Upward Trail!

Posted Dec 30 2017, 2:08 am


Evening, all!!! Say hello to Jemima Morrell, a plucky woman from Yorkshire who had a spirit for true adventure. So much so that in 1863, at 31 years of age, she, along with three other lady friends, joined excursionist Thomas Cook on his FIRST guided tour of the Swiss Alps.

Fully corseted and swathed from head to toe in heavy garments, dark crinoline, lace-up boots and donning a parasol, Jemima looked more ready for a walk in the park than a traipse across the rugged Swiss Alps; in this instance the Mer de Glace in Chamonix, France.









According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “Jemima was one of 130 intrepid travelers to undertake the trip in 1863.

She belonged to the Junior United Alpine Club, a determined gang, to be sure, as five fellow members joined her on the Alpine adventure, including her younger brother, William. Their itinerary was grueling – awake at 4am every morning, went to bed late, and endured all weathers; all the while dressed in Victorian attire.


Some days the women walked 17 miles.” We know how tough the adventure was ’cause Jemima kept a diary, discovered by family members one hundred years later in 1963; the amazing account was published under the title: “Miss Jemima’s Swiss Journal: The First Conducted Tour of Switzerland”. So much for thinking those wily Victorians were…dare I say it? Fragile. 

Long live historical essays & the courageous ladies that filled their pages with passion. 





















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  1. Elizabeth Clements says:

    I loved reading this. I can’t imagine what those women went through, wearing all those clothes. We’d be hard-pressed in jeans and hiking boots. Thanks for sharing, Cindy. I love all your posts.

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