The Color Purple!!!!

Posted Mar 12 2018, 5:37 pm

Say hello to Sir William Henry Perkin…the gifted scientist behind the creation of MAUVINE. You see, Klatchers, prior to the introduction of this magnificent hue, the world of Victorian fashions was a whole lot grayer. 😉 Discovered by accident when he was only 18 years old, the young chemist had been working on a way to ‘synthesize’ quinine to aid in the treatment of malaria.

By mixing alcohol with aniline [simplified, of course 😉 ], he somehow extracted an intense purple color! YOWZA, indeed!! What a magnificent creation! So bright. So bold. So breathtakingly perfect…a true boon to the color palette.


Realizing the impact, Perkin immediately began to mass-produce & commercialize his ‘dye’…which he’d soon dubbed “Mauvine” — For you see, Klatchers, prior to this incredible discovery, the only way clothiers could even make a ‘purple’ was to extract the glandular mucus from mollusks – which was an extremely labor-intensive & expensive process & which could only be afforded by royals!


Well, naturally, when Queen Victoria was introduced to his creation, she fell in love with the striking color & ordered myriad dresses made for her & her ladies-in-waiting. And this fact only escalated the chemist’s career further. Knighted for his achievements in color-making [he also created Britannia Violet & Perkin’s Green], Perkin lived long enough to see his aniline dyes monopolize the fashion industry!












So, there you go, ladies! Now, the next time y’all spot this gorgeous color on the fashion racks, you’ll know exactly how the rage began!!









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