Posted Jul 11 2013, 3:55 pm

pizza Besides ice-cream, PIZZA is the hubster’s favorite food (I wish it was kale, but, alas, it’s not… ). Anyway, the ooey, gooey Italian pie we all love so much was actually invented in Naples, Italy of Greek origin. Derived from the Latin w…ord ‘pìnsere’ [which means ‘to press’] & from the Greek ‘pēktos πηκτός’ [meaning ‘solid’ or ‘clotted’], the first pizza [as we know it today], was made way back in 1889 when the Royal Palace of Capodimonte ordered the Neapolitan pizzaiolo [head pizza chef], Raffaele Esposito, to create three ‘pies’ to honor the visiting Queen Margherita. And according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, legend has it: “Of the three different pizzas he created, the Queen strongly preferred the one swathed in the colors of the Italian flag: red (tomato), green (basil), and white (mozzarella).” Voila: PIZZA MARGHERITA bubbled into life. So, the next time you have pizza delivered…you can thank the good queen for that delectable cheesy pie. Pretty cool, huh?See More

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