No Greater Glory

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“Beautifully written, NO GREATER GLORY shines a light into long-neglected corners of two human hearts as Reece and Emaline struggle against the currents of America’s divisive Civil War. You’ll savor every ounce of passion, adventure, and transformation in Cindy Nord’s exquisite debut novel. I didn’t want it to end!”
Cynthia Wright
Romantic Times and Affaire de Coeur multiple award winner
“NO GREATER GLORY is a powerful, well-crafted Civil War era novel of complex emotions and beautifully drawn characters that explores the inherent risks of falling in love with one’s enemy. 5 Stars!”
Laura Taylor
Multiple Romantic Times Award Winner, 
Romance Writers of America National RITA Finalist
2-Time Maggie Award Winner
FIVE STARS: In Cindy Nord’s No Greater Glory, another Southern plantation, Shapinsay, joins the famous Civil War plantations of Tara, and Twelve Oaks.  Inhabiting this plantation is Emaline McDaniels who is joined by a Yankee colonel, Reece Cutteridge. This is a beautifully written book by Cindy Nord.  It is fraught with desire and doubt!  The research done by the author of the era is minutely perfect – right down to the clothing worn by the characters.  The love story is fantastic! Emaline meets the hated and feared Yankees when Col. Reece Cutteridge commandeers her magnificent plantation for his troops winter bivouac.  They take over the whole plantation, including the bottom floor of the house to be used as a hospital.  Knowing she cannot do anything about it, the beautiful mistress of the plantation bides her time.  Soon, though, her hatred of the Yankee colonel is overshadowed by something else.  What is it?  Respect? Understanding? Acceptance? Another emotion more akin to love?  Read Ms. Nord’s novel of the War Between the States, the Civil War or whatever nomenclature you prefer.  You won’t be disappointed, I assure you.
Katherine Boyer
Reviewer for Midwest Book Review
Secretary, Texas State Board of Libraries
FIVE STARS: (Posted to Goodreads) — Read the fabulous excerpt (of NO GREATER GLORY) on the Samhain page…that excerpt is the first thing I read after requesting this submission. And I knew by the last line that I was only 1% through the book, but I was already going to offer the author representation. It blew me away!
Louise Fury, Literary Agent
The Jenny Bent Literary Agency
It has been a long time since I’ve read a love story so powerful and so endearing as Cindy Nord’s, NO GREATER GLORY! Cindy breathes life into not only her fictional characters, but into the historical figures and into the very history itself. Her battle scenes breath and roar like a dragon unleashed on the page, and the scenes between Reece and Emaline cut and bleed like an open wound as they try to deny their love and then soothe like a balm as they accept that while on opposite sides of a war, they will never be enemies. And though I’ve visited many Civil War battlefields and plantations, and live just down the road from most, it was Cindy’s writing that placed me smack in the middle of the sights, sounds, smells, and emotions of a nation torn apart by a war that severed and united a country just as it severed then united Emaline and Reece. I give NO GREATER GLORY my highest recommendation. You do not want to miss these two wonderful, sad, proud people find the true freedom no President can proclaim (even one as great as Lincoln) but only love can bring!
Kirsten Arnold
Historical Romance Writer
This book reads like a movie. I could see everything perfectly in my mind’s eye. The book is one I could not put down. I learned a lot about the Civil War, new words, and history, blended with a wonderful love story. I didn’t know much about the Civil War, but this book brought it to life through the character’s lives played out in descriptive words. I look forward to the audiobook release of this title.
Bobbin Beams – Voice Actor
San Diego, California
I love American history, particularly the Civil War era so it’s always a treat when I find a romantic read set in that time period. When I heard about No Greater Glory, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Boy, I’m so glad I did!
Cindy Nord has given us characters forced to overcome prejudice, division and hardship. Not only has she created a memorable, honorable hero in Colonel Reece Cutteridge and a strong heroine in Emaline McDaniels, but her attention to detail is exquisite. I’ve read a lot of non-fiction dedicated to this time period, and always find myself amazed when an author can expertly weave the trappings of yesteryear into fiction. Cindy Nord does that flawlessly, bringing the past alive through vivid descriptions and an enviable knowledge of Civil War history.
At the heart of this story is the star-crossed romance between Union Colonel Cutteridge and southern plantation owner, Emaline McDaniels. When Cutteridge commandeers her property and livestock for his troops, sparks fly. Both characters are believable in how they interact, their relationship spanning hostility, simmering attraction, and finally devotion. Both have been scarred emotionally in the past, compounding the divisions war has brought.
Ms. Nord also gives us several likeable supporting characters, a few of which I’m hoping may show up in a sequel. One can only hope Cindy Nord isn’t done telling tales. This book will be one I read and reread again. I’m only sorry I reached the end!
Mae Clair
Writer of thrillers, romance and mysteries
I finished “No Greater Glory” last week while relaxing in a cabin high in the Rockies. The sentence structure of this novel is excellent and filled with glorious descriptions. The character development wound me around every person.  The plot was exciting — indeed, it is one of the best novels I have ever read. If I were a literary critic, you would have me in your pocket.
Glenn Ballard
Professor in Mathematics
University of Southern Indiana
This book has it all. Love, suspense, drama. I really like the story line and had a hard time putting it down.
Gina Cinotti – Reader of Historical Romances 

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