Let our fingers do the talkin’ …

Posted Apr 16 2018, 5:50 pm

Speaking of nail polish, did y’all know the habit of ‘decorating the fingernails’ originated way back in 3000 BC China?

Yep. And unlike the stuff we use today, the ingredients were henna, beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, & even vegetable dyes. Society ranking, ‘specially In Ancient Egypt, was determined by which ‘coloring’ was used on the nail…the lower class often wore nude and light colors, while the upper crust chose blood red [no wonder red manis are so iconic].

In 1878, a forward-thinking entrepreneur named Mary Cobb opened America’s first manicure parlor & she even held the monopoly on creating the world’s FIRST emery board with her then husband, J. Parker Pray. What began as a small shoppe called “Mrs. Prays Manicure” soon blossomed into popularity. By 1900, Mrs. Cobb [who’d divorced Pray by then & resumed using her maiden name] had become one of the largest female owned & managed business IN THE WORLD!

Yep, throughout history, nail polish has played a crucial role in a woman’s life, but, we modernists can thx the invention of the car, or more specifically, the car’s PAINT, for our current trend of bright colors. In fact, a non-color ‘clear coating’ was even introduced in 1916. But, we must thank a small company called Cutex who in 1917 became the first commercial nail polish brand.

And in 1932, its competitor company, Revlon, released a lacquer that used pigments, rather than dyes that would ‘stain’ the nail bed. Stylish ‘flappers’ flocked to these colors in droves!

My real nails are weak & brittle, so I use acrylics & THIS TYPE of ‘fingernail coating’ debuted in 1978 when a dentist named Fred Slack, Jr. broke his index nail while at work which led to him creating a “temporary replacement” out of aluminum foil & dental acrylic that he had on hand. The new ‘nail’ worked & looked quite stylish, so his brother, Tom Slack, took the process one step further & patented a successful acrylic version of the material, which ultimately led to a new business called, Patti Nails.

But, the most expensive nail polish ever made costs a whopping $250,000 a bottle. And the color? Black Diamond King, ’cause it’s made with 267 carats worth of black diamonds. Holy Moly!!!! Miley Cyrus & Kelly Osborne love & wear the color, along with several other celebrities! All-in-all, however, there are THIRTEEN “types” of nail polish finishes: shimmer, micro-shimmer, micro-glitter, glitter, frost, lustre, crème, prismatic micro-glitter or shimmer, iridescent, opalescent, matte, duo-chrome, & translucent. In an unopened bottle, nail lacquer will last indefinitely…but, once that slender brush is pulled out & air reaches the paint…you’ve got only TWO YEARS to use your color ‘for weird things start working on the compound. So…there you have it, Klatchers – Yep, NAIL POLISH is all the rage…to the tune of over $758 million dollars a year…& now YOU know the history of how the whole idea began! Hmmmm…I’m thinking OPI’s ‘Pinkin’ of YOU’ — How ’bout y’all? Woohoo!


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