COFFEE – The Favored Drink of the World!

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Coffee - Whieldon coffee pot 1745


Ahh yes…COFFEE. The world’s finest drink! The history of this marvelous ‘pick-me-up’ reaches as far back as the 10th-century arab-coffee-traderswhen coffee beans were carried in sacks upon the backs of camels by traders traveling from Ethiopia to Yemen.








By the 15th-century, however, the drinking of this fine brew was restricted to purely religious events, with coffee trees growing only inside selected monasteries. But the people demanded the monks share their ‘special’ beverage & soon coffee swept across Europe with a vengeance.




In 1475, the world’s first coffee shop, Kiva Han, opened in Constantinople.  And according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “…coffee became available in England in the early 16th century as the race among Europeans to obtain live coffee trees [& beans] was won by the Dutch in 1616.”


Coffee house in 1674


But England was not far behind & the first English coffeehouse opened in St. Michael’s Alley in Cornhill [this hill is one of the three ancient hills of London; the other two are Tower Hill, site of the Tower of London, & Ludgate Hill, crowned by St Paul’s Cathedral].  A constant rendezvous for men of business.  coffee house1And as the years unrolled more & more establishments opened their doors to coffee-consuming customers & by 1675 there were more than 3,000 coffeehouses spread throughout England. 


 Coffee house locations prior to fire of 1748There was even a map created showing the locations of many of the London Coffee Houses [prior to the great fire of 1748]. In fact one popular shoppe, ‘The Queen’s Lane Coffee House’ [in Oxford], which opened their doors in 1654, is STILL pouring up the ‘go-juice’.


Coffee virtues of drinkBut, as ‘necessary’ as coffee had become to men, women were not allowed inside any coffee shoppe doors [with the exclusion of Germany] anywhere across Europe. According to the Britannica, “…the anonymous 1674 “Women’s Petition Against Coffee” declared ‘the Excessive Use of that Newfangled, Abominable, Heathenish Liquor called COFFEE …has…Eunucht our Husbands, and Crippled our kind Gallants, so much so that they are become as Impotent, as Age.” 

Coffee 5 women 2


Of course, that petition soon changed things for womankind as the brew soon flowed past their lips, too. LOL. As all important as this ‘vitality’ drink was to Europeans…coffee did not arrive to North America ’til late in the 16th-century when the Dutch East India Company stepped ashore at New Amsterdam [now known as New York] by the British. Coffee 7 - 1752 Pewter Coffee Pot




Coffee houses soon began to crop up all along the eastern coastline, though tea remained the favorite drink in the ‘New World’ until 1773 when a little ‘revolt’ known as the Boston Tea Party forevermore changed the American drinking preference to COFFEE. The rest, as they say, is history.


Coffee image


Okay…I’m off to pour me up another glorious cupful.  Have a great day! ☺





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