RosswoodOur favorite Bed & Breakfast in Mississippi — ROSSWOOD. They even used this gorgeous plantation manor house (built in 1854) on the cover of my Audiobook!!!



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 See?  Oh, and that handsome Federal officer on horseback there on the bottom left of my Audiobook cover is none other than my husband, Tom. ♥ 



 My book is at Barnes & Nobles

 LOOK!! My book is now at all the Barnes & Nobles Bookstores. WooHoo!




Our front room

We LOVE our home at Christmastime! ♥




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I love to ride my bicycle



 CindyMe on my 60th birthday.





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 My handsome husband, Tom & actor, Patrick Swayze — while filming the television mini-series NORTH & SOUTH (Tom was in charge of all the Civil War Reenactors during the filming).





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 I was invited to do a ‘first-chapter’ reading of NO GREATER GLORY at the City of Newburgh’s ‘Afternoon With An Author’ — and Tom discussed a few of his Civil War artifacts.



 We’re at a fund-raiser Luau – hadCindy & Tom such a great time!






 Cindy speaking

 The invitations to do ‘first chapter’ readings are pouring in.  Here I am at the SICWRT — had a great time!


 Cindy & flowersSitting on the front porch steps & surrounded by colorful mums, I’m enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.



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I’m  at the top of the Rocky Mountains in Vail, Colorado