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“Oh, Ms. Cindy Nord, you sneaky girl! You have done it to me again. Here is her MO: She begins with a solid plot. She lets you get to know the hero and heroine thoroughly so you can really understand them. She adds some terrific secondary characters. She blends tons of historic detail unobtrusively into the plot. The story moves along smoothly, if somewhat slowly. Then, bam!, I’m reading my Kindle in the bathtub (I know, not a good idea, but hey, it’s peaceful) and tears are rolling down my face. Good authors suck you into emotional quicksand, but I usually know I am sinking. With Cindy, I sink so gradually that I don’t realize how stuck I am until she zaps me with that one scene that changes everything.

Do not miss this lovely story of a damaged Civil War hero turned restless gambler and a French spinster on the run, accused of murder. We have a little bit of Lilies of the Field in this story where many characters reclaim their lives. Great storytelling.” ~ Diane K. Peterson – Reviewer


BEAUTIFULLY TOLD LOVE STORY — “This final book in the series saddens me. I want more. The story of Brennen, the Rebel brother, is wonderful. He is still haunted by the War, but tries to occupy himself with gambling and women. Until he meets the most beautiful green eyes he has ever seen. He is under her spell, and doesn’t even know it.
After becoming the owner of an estate by winning it in a poker pot, Bremen goes to Kentucky to inspect his holding and lay claim to the property, only to find their is a lien placed on the property which will prohibit his selling the place. He must make bricks for a group of nuns, one of whom he is taken with when they encountered one another on the riverboat. He was not disappointed to see the same “nun” with the deep green eyes in “civilian clothes” after he arrives in town. The Reverend Mother has ideas and puts Annabelle, a woman on the run from a murder accusation, in charge of supervising the brick-making. Soon thereafter, the free woman who lives on the estate is taken ill and Brennen asks the head nun to permit the green-eyed beauty to move to the estate and give medical care to the woman. Annabelle takes over, giving orders that the sick woman must be moved into the main house and fed properly.
During a tornado, they small group at the estate is huddled together in the root cellar and Annabelle’s fear of storms awakens Brennen’s penchant for caring for those in need.
Read this marvelous story to see what occurs with the motley crew. This entire series is one that holds you hostage to the very end.
Wonderful job, Cindy!” ~ Julie W, historical romance reader 


By All Means Read By Any Means!! “Cindy Nord has gone and done it again ~ stolen my heart, not to mention kept me awake reading into the wee hours of the morning, with her storyteller’s powerful blend of history and romance in By Any Means. A blackguard of a riverboat gambler, a French minx-cum-murderess ~ how could such two unlikely characters possibly change their circumstances ~ and change each other? But through Cindy’s deft writer’s hand, a sweeping story of the post Civil War era unfolds to capture the reader. I have read her other Cutteridge novels, and this may well be my favorite! Kudos to an amazing romance writer!” ~ Parris Afton Bonds, author, co-founder and first vice-president of Romance Writers of America



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