Born in Arizona, bestselling Historical Romance author, CINDY NORD  moved from the southwestern desert to southwestern Indiana during her teenage years, then attended college, married and traveled around the country with her husband.  Eventually, she found her niche in the secretarial pool…”I could type fast but had no clue where commas went,” she says with a laugh.    

After the birth of her two sons, she became a stay-at-home mom.  When the boys went down for naps, she settled in to read and escape into the world of historical novels.  A thousand stories and a long overdue divorce later, Cindy pulled out her father’s Tower typewriter and decided she would write a saga that contained the elements SHE liked best in a hero.

Cindy met her current husband, Tom, on a Civil War battlefield, where he was portraying a Captain of the 14th Indiana Infantry.  Right then and there, she decided to don a corset and become part of a unique little hobby called ‘Civil War Reenacting’; something she and her two young sons could enjoy together as a family. The rest, as they say, is history….and Cindy and Tom were married in June 1993.  Since then, they’ve toured many a battlefield, built their dream home, and raised the children to productive adults.

Through the years, Cindy was always surrounded by men…so she knows how they tick.  As the only sister between two brothers, she learned how to keep her head above the turbulent waters of male rivalry.  She carried that particular understanding into raising her sons.  She knows how the male mind works and brings these intriguing elements into the creation of every one of her heroes.  And yes…her sassy heroines know exactly how to push their buttons.

Cindy’s writing is fresh and intense, and conflict keeps the pages turning.  Born into a family of educators…she eventually learned where all the commas went.  And a dozen years later, she handled the grief of her parents’ death by pounding away again at the old Tower typewriter.  Several manuscripts later, she landed herself the #1 Agent in New York (the fabulous Louise Fury of The Jenny Bent Agency) who believes her engaging characters should not live in a box under her bed forever.

Indeed….true love awaits you in the writings of Cindy Nord.


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