The Typewriter!

Posted Feb 17 2016, 5:47 pm

Typewriter - Tower


Yep, the lowly lil’ typewriter! My first, a Tower typewriter, created by Sears & Roebuck. ‘Twas a marvelous creation, indeed.  But, let’s imagine creating novels on one today? LOL….I shutter at all the ‘white-out’ I’d need.

typewriter - ball


BUT, I digress. Instead, let’s take a trip all the way back to 1870 & see the “writing ball” created by a Danish pastor named Rasmus Malling-Hansen. ‘Twas a remarkable ‘first’ of its kind machine…’though it fell out-of-favor when, in 1874, a Milwaukee newspaperman & part-time tinkerer named Christopher Sholes approached the Remington Arms Company with a better idea. typewriter - first

The novel ‘creation’ clicked w/Remington executives & soon they rolled out the first mass-produced typewriter called the ‘Sholes & Glidden’…BUT, this looked too-decidedly ‘feminine’ since they manufactured the ‘type-writer’ in their ‘sewing machine department’ & adorned the piece with painted ‘flowers’ – no lowly clerk in his right mind wanted THAT in the office! Typewriter - Remington

typewriter - advertismentSo, the executives put their minds together & came up with ‘The Remington’ & this model was gladly embraced. Of course, other manufacturers soon jumped on the ‘typewriter’ bandwagon, until…


typewriter - underwood…1895, when a German-American inventor named Franz Wagner created ‘The Underwood #5’. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “the name “Underwood” comes from John T. Underwood, a successful entrepreneur of ribbons & carbon paper who bought the company early in its history.” This model was produced by the millions for both personal use & office work & became the most popular typewriter ever…UNTIL…

typewriter - selectric


1965…when IBM (International Business Machines) breathed to life a model called ‘The Selectric’ with the lil’ ball-of-keys tucked inside. Yep, typewriters had come ‘full circle’…& the rest, as they say, is history. So, think of this evolution the next time we open up our WordPerfect program to write…☺



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