Let’s be GOATS!!! ☺

Posted Apr 22 2017, 5:31 pm

Hey everyone [& ‘specially my writing pals], on Earth Day [or ANY day for that matter] let’s all be GOATS! Yep, goats. Why? Because emotional depths [in a novel] is what truly brings our characters to life–right? Well, for me, anyway. And tragedy or not, the highs & lows of a hero/heroine is exciting to write AND read. Speaking of ‘tragedy’…did y’all know the word originally meant “goat song?” — Yep, ’tis true.

In Grecian mythology, tragedies were known as “goat-songs” ’cause the prize in their Athenian writing contests or plays was usually a LIVE GOAT.  According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “…the Romans knew Dionysus later as Bacchus, god of all things ‘bacchanalian’: in other words he freed people from their normal self through madness, wine, and ecstasy. Sometimes the goat would be sacrificed, and a goat lament sung as the sacrifice was made. Hence the ‘goat-song’ [albeit: tragedy] became intertwined with Greek plays.”

Also, many actors/actresses in the plays dressed in goat-costumes [as satyrs — half-goat beings that worshipped and surrounded Dionysus in his revelry]. So…regardless of what you write or whether your local goat friend sings good OR bad…the ultimate outcome is guaranteed a ‘tragedy’ … LOL. See? I love tidbits of history; I want to write like a goat. WooHoo …



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  1. Daphne Monaco says:

    Just love your awesome & authentic Civil War historical romances, Cindy!!!

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