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Posted Dec 11 2014, 12:33 am




Fellow romance writer and great gal extraordinaire, Linda Sandifer, has roped me into answering 10 questions in a blog hop known more specifically as ‘The Liebster Award 10 Question Blog Hop’.  And if you think it might be fun and challenging to hop backward, too, you can check out Linda’s great WRITING THE WEST blog, right here:  to see how her Q&A went, too.


 Now, on to my answers to these ten questions:

1.  What genre do you write and why?  



 HISTORICAL ROMANCE  — and as I’ve shared before with so many wonderful folks, I truly believe I was born in the wrong century ’cause I love all things Victorian.  

 Especially on our American side o’ the big pond. ♥



2.   How has your background influenced the stories you write?  



My husband and I spent a decade as a Civil War Reenactors.  We had such a wonderful time immersing ourselves into the sites and sounds and influences of this time period.  

Red tartan plaid silk dress


1863 dress


The gowns are breathtaking creations.




And needless to say, when I write about the pinch of a corset for my heroine, well…I know exactly what I’m talkin’ about. ☺ 




3.   What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned as a writer?  

Romance writer


We must write what we love — doing so allows our ‘voice’ to really shine through…’tis true.  Every day I learn something new.



Oh…and also LEARN THE WRITING RULES…so we can effectively break them every once ‘n a while. ♥




 4.   What’s your bad writing habit?  




PROCRASTINATING…it is truly a writer’s worst habit. 




5.   Christmas is coming up.  What is the one thing your current hero and heroine would ask for?

Historical image-adoration


Wishing they’d met one another sooner, then they could’ve fallen in love earlier…Wheeeeee! 





6.   Is there any genre or book that you would love to write but are too intimidated to? 

Booksigning image


I’ve honestly never given any thought to writing in ANY genre but Historical Romance…I love writing in THIS one so very much. ♥ 




7.   In your opinion, and in your experience, what aspect of the writing/marketing process presents the biggest challenge for writers in today’s changing publishing atmosphere?  



Oooooh….such a great question. And I would have to say: Social Media & Marketing and learning how much is enough & how NOT to lose ourselves in the internet jungle, which leads to time forever lost which is better spent writing …there’s such a fine line there…ACK!! 



8.   Every book, whether historical or contemporary, involves a lot of research. What do you like most about the process? And how can an author know when he/she has done enough to start writing?  



I’m always researching. To me…THAT is the BEST part of being an historical romance writer.  But, time lost is oh-so-wicked…and many times, I’ve began researching McClellan saddles, only to find myself, hours later, reading about kumquats in Australia and completely oblivious to the lack of relevance to my original quest of information. LOL. ☺ 



9.    Writers are told not to follow trends, but to follow their heart. How do you decide which ideas to pursue and which ones to shelve?  



 Once plucked, my heartstrings vibrate with enough force to MAKE me pay attention to the desire at hand. I usually follow my heart.  In the end, it has never let me down.




10.  There are lots of tips out there for writers. If you could boil it down to one or two, what would they be? 



Ahhh, now THIS one is easy. NEVER, EVER, EVER give up on your dream.  Since we’re going to dream anyway…DREAM BIG! 







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