A Fistful of COOKIES!

Posted Nov 7 2014, 9:01 pm

cOOKIES JAR Who hasn’t at one time or another rattled the top o’ the COOKIE JAR? Or rather, a ‘biscuit jar’ as they’re called in the U.K. – Mostly crafted from glass, these delightful ‘jars’ Historical c1850 Victorian Art Glass Biscuit Jar have been in English homes since the mid-1700s, but didn’t get a strong foothold in America until 1929, & those had ‘screw-on’ lids as opposed to blown glass. biscuit2However, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “…the first ceramic cookie jar was made by the Brush Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio Cookie Brush [founded in 1906] which sold a green jar with the word “Cookies” embossed on the front.” As the nation struggled during the Great Depression, stoneware ‘cookie jars’ soon replaced glass for everyday usage, & the popularity grew leaps ‘n bounds through the following decades with every known design from cartoon characters to space ships to clever shapes of fruits. cookie collectionCookie mammySince their peak in the 1970s, cookie jar demands have fallen, with the exception of certain highly collectible manufacturers such as the McCoy cookie jars (made in Roseville, Ohio) whose first jar produced (“Mammy”) became one of the most valuable of all times. There’s nothing as good as a fresh cookie right outta the oven. But, we can’t eat ’em all in one sitting, so where do y’all keep your cookies? 



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